Jun 022018

With older people.

My husband’s uncle and aunt came over, half an hour later than we thought they would, and then we spent the next few hours mostly listening to his uncle. Or sometimes his aunt. Often simultaneously. And his mother at times.

His uncle has been having accumulating health problems and that always takes a while to recount.

Then I finally managed to publish the podcast which is very good.

Then I found that I had made a mistake in the yoke of the sweater I had almost finished knitting. So I ripped back most of the yoke.

And then I got an odd message from my mother saying, „I am still in the hospital. Broke another vertebra but not as bad, also my big toe, and have a big hematoma.”

Which was rather confusing because I didn’t even know that she was in the hospital in the first place. Looks like she fell again? And nobody told me anything.

I only saw that message rather late so this morning I will call her on her cell phone.

As I said, this is confusing. But I’m guessing since she is in the hospital she is taken care of.

So. Today I will attempt to call my mother, and go for a run (possibly not in that order) and write. And try to get myself sorted again.

At least I hope so.

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  1. Good luck getting sorted! Hope you will have an enjoyable, maybe even productive weekend nonetheless.

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