May 302018

This is what happens when I plan a serious writing day.

I woke up early, I procrastinated like crazy (yes, I know) everything went fine, I went grocery shopping early, we had a wonderful Greek salad for lunch:

IMG 1377

That is salad from our own yard, and yes, we know that there are no eggs in Greek salad but we put them in anyway so that there would be more protein.

Then I didn’t actually procrastinate for once, even though I just started the new Sarina Bowen book „Speakeasy“ and sat down to do the taxes.

I thought I’d be done in an hour or two.

Then I remembered that the way freelance people like us need to do taxes had changed from last year. Then I spent an hour finding out which line of the form our expenses should go in. After running into a ton of internet sites saying that they would help me with that I found that all of them did the exact same thing the Finanzamt does, you click on the ‚help‘-button to see what other something-something expenses are („sonstige unbeschränkt abziehbare Betriebsausgaben and no, I can’t translate that properly) and there it is: „other something-something expenses“. Of course. That explains everything.

So I will be eternally grateful to that nice young man who has made a website actually explaining these things using examples. Like telling me that the category I thought I should use is only applicable if you’re actually making a physical product.

Then I sat down to wrangle the part of the taxes that I have been doing the same way for years now. So that was not easy but at least I have last year’s form to guide me. And then I realized that I needed three more pieces of paper from my husband, and that my big, fat tax-headache (yes, that’s a thing – at least for me) was telling me to stop. Also, my husband was on his way out the door.

I was a little jealous because he will be eating at „Wiesengrund“ restaurant tonight with a friend. The food there is very, very good.

Instead the boy and I did watch Netflix and have potato chips and chocolate for dinner. No, we don’t do this often. Yes, I’m still trying to lose weight, and yes, I will take up intermittent fasting today again. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy pigging out on food occasionally.

So it seems today there will be running and the usual and more taxes plus preparing the podcast. Somehow I doubt that this will be a 5,000 word-day…

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