May 292018

Woke up real early, decided to write and then didn’t do it.

I did write a little before lunch, though.

As planned we rode our bikes to a nearby town and went to a beergarden for lunch. I did skip my run in favor of biking but the whole thing was only mildly taxing.

It did give me the opportunity to test my hypothesis from last week, though. There were several possible reasons for my runs being bad last week. 1) The fasting, 2) allergies, 3) mindset, or 4) heat.

When we rode our bikes today I felt about as bad as running last week. So it was not the running as such because I wasn’t running. It couldn’t be the fasting either because I was not fasting. It couldn’t be the heat because I felt the same right there in the cool and shady woods, and it couldn’t be my mindset because I wasn’t running, it wasn’t really strenuous and I was biking for less than half an hour.

So – ding, ding – allergies it is.

It was again damp under the trees, things were blooming everywhere and my husband again smelled something moldy

So I guess exercise will feel a little bad for a while. I have upped my dose of anti-histamines and am hoping that that will make a difference. It is always a weird feeling when you’re muscles are feeling great and would want to do more, and your whole body is just enjoying the movement and being outside and the blood pumping and then there is just that little problem of not being able to breathe well enough.

I didn’t have the cough or the ‚elephant sitting on my chest‘-feeling of asthma but it was going in the same direction. A bit of heaviness on the chest, and the feeling that the pathways to my lungs are just a little too tight.

I might have to resort to walks for the time being. Or running or riding my bike rather slowly.

Lunch was wonderful, this was our first time in a beergarden this year, and we were happy to have the boy with us, even, and the beer and the food were very good. I only took one picture of the beergarden itself:

IMG 1374

And here’s the obligatory food picture (by now my family finds it completely normal that I do this):

IMG 1372

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the very picturesque stream running directly at our side. With a fence in between, of course, wouldn’t want anybody to fall in.

Then we biked home at a slower pace and had ice cream.

And then I didn’t really get anything done for the rest of the day, weirdly enough.

I did spend a few hours sitting on the porch with my laptop willing the words to come while surfing the web but that didn’t really add that much to my word count.

Today there will be erranding and grocery shopping and taxes. And as many words as I can manage, I hope. Also, heat and then thunderstorms.

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