May 252018

I was still feeling great and motivated and optimistic this morning when I woke up early after not enough sleep.

And then after breakfast the day started with something that threw me completely off kilter. Emotional turmoil all over. (Sorry, not my story to tell, nobody died or anything.)

So I went and returned the set of dpns I had bought the day before because one of the wooden needles had splintered so that the yarn kept catching. I have to say, the local yarn shop is super-nice, and they exchanged them for another set with no problem.

Then I went running and had another bad run. I felt weak again, not in the muscles, mostly in the head. I walked a lot and got angry at myself for not running further and inside I felt like giving up and sitting down right there. But I didn’t and so I did all five kilometers at a snail’s pace but I did them. And it was nice outside as it always is:

IMG 1363

Not all that sunny, though. But no rain.

After lunch I sat down in front of TV again and spun some more. I finished the rest of the singles that I will need, and tomorrow I will ply. So I can finish the cardigan in progress. I also made great progress on the bulky alpaca sweater. When I went to that meeting the day before I actually took the start of a sleeve with me as my project on the go. Worked well, apart from the splintered needle.

After that the boy and I watched something together, so I basically spent most of my day watching TV. Not the best way to spend a day.

I decided to not force myself to write and to go to bed early, which I did.

Today there will be the cleaning of the house and I will sit and spin again and then I will write some words. My husband and I even started to talk about how to tackle the living room next week. We will do stuff!

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