May 232018

Rather good day. I woke up stupid early but that was alright because I fell asleep stupid early as well.

I had a leisurely morning knitting and reading while drinking my tea:

IMG 1360

This is the giant Carbeth Swan Dance sweater that I’m knitting. Bulky alpaca/merino. One of these days I might match my projects to the season I’m in.

Then I went grocery shopping even though the plan had been that my husband and son would do it this week. But my husband was totally overwhelmed by yard work and so I went first to the health food store where I bought very little, and then to the big grocery store with my bike and when I came back the bike panniers were so heavy I could barely lift them. Carrying the two panniers plus a full backpack, a package of toilet paper and two baguettes all the way from the store to my bike was, um, interesting. I didn’t drop anything so that was good.

In the afternoon I waited for my student to arrive for fifteen minutes and then plopped down in front of TV, watched the Giro d’Italia and spun. I might also have bought yet another book(Amazon-addiliate link). My plan to buy less books has definitely failed this month. I am very happy to have bought them, though. Now I just need to sit down and read them all.

Then I helped very little in the yard because when I went outside it was just in time to put everything away before the next thunderstorm hit. I can’t remember having that many even in the summer. The weather is going rather crazy these days.

Then the boy and I watched another episode of Star Trek: TNG, then I wrote, then I went to bed.

Today there will be running and spinning and writing and music and teaching one lonely student again. And in the evening I will meet a bunch of parents for Stammtisch. I’m hoping to go there by bike but the weather might not cooperate. And while I surely won’t melt when biking in the rain I am a little wary of biking through a thunderstorm. Especially in the woods.

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