May 222018

I did go to bed on time and woke up at six again. Yesterday was a public holiday here, plus we are having the next two weeks mostly off. (About three student during all that time.)

I had a really leisurely morning with a lot of knitting and reading, and then I went for my usual run:

IMG 1359

Gorgeous weather again.

I’m trying to get faster by running more and walking less but it doesn’t seem to be working. I am also experimenting with shorter steps which seems to be helping with my hip. No pain is definitely good.

In the afternoon the weather was still great, so much so that I spent most of it outside on the porch. Then I felt the dreaded afternoon slump coming on, soI folded a load of laundry and decided to go inside about half an hour before a thunderstorm that brought hail.

I sang a little but did not play the piano or anything, yet again.

Since I wasn’t doing anything productive anyway I did sit down with the spinning wheel in front of TV and watched a documentary. I have now spun half of what I think I need to finish the cardigan-in-progress.

I went off to bed way too early. The boy didn’t want to watch anything together, and so I retired to the warmth and comfort of my bed to write a few words and finish reading one of the books I’m currently reading.

Today I will be teaching one student. I also want to spin and watch the Giro d’Italia again, and if the past few days are any indication that will probably be it for the day.

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