May 172018

I was basically cold all day. Except for the time I went running in the rain.

I woke up early again and promptly forgot to take my thyroid medication which meant that my breakfast was delayed half an hour. Not a big deal. After breakfast I did some research for a project that I want to start next week.

The the running. My phone doesn’t like the rain even inside my pocket and the running app was acting weirdly for the last kilometer. So my running app thinks that I ran only 4.3 k but I know better.

IMG 1337

Then my husband and I made lasagna which is always a big undertaking. It was rather good, so totally worth it:

IMG 1341

Yes, that’s an actual glass of wine. We made an exception because of the special meal. My family is so used to me taking pictures of my food by now that my husband even moved the bottle away so the light would be better. So there wouldn’t be as much shade on the salad.

After that there was quite a bit of teaching, only a little less than yesterday.

Then writing and bed. And reading, always reading. I seem to be on a non-fiction kick again, I haven’t touched any of the many novels I’m currently reading for two days or so. I can’t even decide what reading mood I’m in.

Today I will run again and hopefully record the podcast. It would be fabulous if I managed to get the rest of the groceries but I seriously doubt that will happen. Then mild teaching and then I will probably be spent.

And then one more day until Pentecost break.

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