May 162018

Another very busy day. I know that it’s my own fault, mostly, but then there are quite a lot of things going on as well.

Since I had fallen asleep around 9.30 I woke up at 5.30 again.With most of the GDPR-stuff out of the way I hadn’t woken up all night.

I had wanted to write in the morning before getting up but instead I just wrote the blog post and read a little.

I had planned to get my picture taken for the new passport and ID, and then to go grocery shopping. But then I realized that I might have just enough time to actually go to the town hall to get new ID as well.

So I packed my bag and put on makeup rather early for the picture, and I packed a brush and scissors and my birth certificate. The photo place was open and I had my picture taken right away. I had to wait for ten minutes before getting them but still, that’s pretty fast. I read „The Diabetes Code“ while waiting.

Then I was just about to go to the town hall when I remembered that I had left both my passport and ID on top of the fridge.

By then it was getting rather late.

I rushed home, fetched my stuff (after having a weird conversation with someone wanting to speak my mother-in-law, something that happens a lot, and no I had no idea that she still wanted him to repair the blinds on her window), took my bike out of the garage and left again.

I was the only one in the waiting room and only had to wait for about ten minutes. It all went well, everything was nice and cozy, only almost 90 Euros for both ID and passport is a little steep. I thought about not getting a passport because the last time I needed one was in 1999. But that just feels wrong. And if there is any kind of emergency situation where I would need one I wouldn’t want to wait around to have one made.

It will be valid for ten years, so there’s that.

Now that I finally got new pictures I might also change my old driver’s license to a new one. There is a new driver’s license (German driver’s licenses are valid for life) or rather there has been one for ages. It is a EU one and the system used for classifying which cars and such you’re allowed to drive is completely different. My father told me to make sure that I won’t lose the right to drive trucks up to 7.5 tons but I’m not sure I need that. So far I haven’t and I’m not driving at the moment anyways.

I came back just in time to go grocery shopping after all but because it was already a little late I went to the smaller grocery store on foot. Which meant that I will have to go to the bigger store later in the week anyway because I didn’t get everything.

Then there was lunch which my husband made all on his own, and then dishes, and making music for thirty minutes, and lots and lots of teaching. Today was a day where I really liked the teaching. Great students and time was just flying.

I didn’t do strength training. I had been very determined in the morning but then it felt like I could either do that or write, and writing took priority.

And early to bed.

I did manage to write some words, so that was good.

Today there will be running (in the rain) and preparation for recording the podcast and teaching, of course, and music and writing. I really need to do something to turn the fabric lying around into a dress but I guess not today. And I need to work on my husband’s blog and do the taxes for real.

One thing at a time. With not too many breaks for reading blogs and such.

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