May 122018

That day just shows how much even the tiniest change in routine can throw me off.

So there was the holiday the day before. And the not getting enough writing done. And then, somehow, I ended up procrastinating like crazy all morning which led to me buying two more books (yeah, I don’t have any idea either) and not cleaning anything before getting ready to go out for lunch.

I hadn’t been able to decide what to eat at the Greek restaurant, and thinking about my options made both my husband and me realize that we’d rather go to the Asian place. Which was a little cruel against the boy. Trying to find vegetarian options at that Greek restaurant was always somewhat hard but he love vegetarian sushi and fried noodles, and fried rice and spring rolls and just about all the food at that Asian place.

So we compromised. My husband and I had lunch there – and my sushi was excellent as was his duck – and then we brought some sushi home for the boy. Win win.

Then there was the teaching, and then more procrastination and then we watched „Big Bang Theory“ for an bit, and then I wrote a few words but not nearly enough.

And I didn’t manage to clear the bobbins I wanted to take to the spinning meeting. I did choose a new project, though. And now that I’ve seen that there is enough fiber for two pairs of socks I’m thinking about spinning the fiber two different ways so I can compare how the yarn holds up. I did bake muffins, though.

So. Today there will be a really early run, and then I’ll clear off the bobbins and pack a new spinning project and then I will have an extremely early lunch and ride my bike to the meeting.

And somewhere in there there should be writing as well.

That will be interesting.

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