May 102018

It’s a bit like exercising. It doesn’t always feel great while you do it but usually you feel better afterwards.

I woke up super-early because I went to bed super-early as well. And then I read a bit, as usual, but I also started writing a little. Before six a.m., while still in bed. Fun!

My husband is still in complete overwhelm mode but my mode was stellar. That could also have been due to the increased does of thyroid medication but I doubt it.

I went running:

IMG 1317

I helped making lunch, I bought yet another book, I made a little music, and then it was time for teaching. And then more writing in the evening.

Not too much, though, because then I watched yet another webinar, this time about book launches by Tim Grahl. That was actually a very good webinar, I even took notes while watching it which I never do.

Still, I did fall asleep somewhere in the middle because I don’t usually stay up that late. Which doesn’t mean that that webinar wasn’t good, it was just that I was so tired. Time difference between here and the US can make things hard at times. Also, when you have a regular bedtime around nine and you stay up until 10.30…

So, about buying books I was looking at the mass of unread books on my e-reader I can say that I now have enough books to last me about 1 1/2 years without buying any new ones. 150 novels and 76 non-fiction books. Oh, and a shelf of books on paper.

The plan was to buy fewer books this year, and I am buying fewer books. And for about three months I actually managed to buy fewer than I read. I’m not quite sure what to do, though, because I really love buying books, they’re not all that expensive and I usually read them right away.

There are some books in that to-be-read pile that I should just give up on. I won’t finish them anyway. But then I already went through and did that a few times in the past few months.

On the other hand having a huge pile of books that I love and that I still want to read is not the worst problem to have by far.

Today is a public holiday. There will be running and one lone student, and probably not much else.

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