May 082018

Well, usually I get all productive and busy on Mondays but today the magic of a new week didn’t really work.

Seems I have too many things going around in my head. Thyroid hormones and my father’s health (long story and not mine to tell) plus the not-writing and some conversations my husband and I had about his future gardening plans. Plus the GDPR-thingy and all the myriad small things I need to do and my MIL coming last night and the fact that I’m such a slow runner.

Let’s just say that I spent the writing time I had throughout the day finding an acceptable pill box online.

I did get my act together a little after dinner but still. Feels like a wasted day.

I did go running, though:

IMG 1314


And had delicious food for lunch (lentils and rice and more weeds):

IMG 1315

And that basically sums up the excitement of the day.

I did try to watch a free webinar in the morning and kept getting crankier because video is just such a slow form of communication but then I found out that there are written summaries at the end of each chapter.

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll watch any more videos, I’ll just read the summaries, thank you. So much faster! So much better! If my mind wanders while reading I can always go back. And I can read as fast as I like, and I can skim things if I already know them. With video I have to make myself pay attention, and then my mind wanders off until I find I missed something, and then I go back and miss it again. When I told the boy how much I dislike learning from videos he said, „And now you know how I feel every day in school.”

I feel for him and I can totally relate. If there hadn’t been books in school I would have been screwed.

So. Today there will be shopping and music and writing and students. And then early to bed. Just like every day. I do like living this way but it doesn’t make for interesting blog posts.

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