May 072018

Lazy Sunday morning, and since I had decided to try to catch up with my writing I actually sat down outside on the porch before lunch and started writing.

So far I have a steady rate of equal procrastination time for every minute I’m doing the writing proper. Not the most efficient way of doing this.

Called my mother after lunch, sat down and read a little unplied the rest of the green Polwarth and sat down to write some more. Then I realized that I could watch the Giro d’Italia. Decided to sit down in front of TV and alternate writing with watching.

That went as well as was to be expected. Still, 405 more words.

I’m thinking I might need more thyroid hormone. My doctor didn’t blink and eye when I told her that I had been taking twice the amount she told me to take. In my defense the radiologist had recommended that dose, and he didn’t have his judgement blurred by the fact that I did lose weight the year before. (Slowly, and it was very, very hard, and I was packing it back on at a rate of one kilo per month.)

Still, I’m still not really bustling with energy, and I’m cold, cold, cold all the time. Yesterday during the day my husband was outside wearing nothing but shorts while working in the garden, and I was sitting on the porch in long yoga pants, wool socks and a heavy fleece shirt with my fingers going white from being cold.

So I’m debating playing around with the dose again. What I’m taking is still really low, and my TSH levels are still within normal range.

I’ll think about it some more.

Around dinnertime I had 2,300 words. About half of what I had wanted to write. Not too bad, though.

See, this right here is why I will never become a workaholic. I am way too laid back about not reaching my goals.

I then watched an episode of „Star Trek: The Next Generation“ with the boy. This was now the third very good episode in a row. Season five is going very nicely so far. Of course, I had already seen them all, twice, but still I’m enjoying the rewatch.

I got ready for bed pretty early and tried writing some more but felt too tired.

Woke up early as well.

Today I will run and teach and write and make music, and I guess that’s enough.

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