May 032018

Phew. That was a day.

I didn’t really sleep well after 4.30 and was awake an hour later. I shouldn’t have said that I am all good with sleep now. I had gone to bed rather early, though, maybe that was the reason.

I read in bed for a while and made breakfast pretty early and then meditated and then actually started writing.

Because I am so fed up with not reaching my goals. And I posted another set of goals on ravelry, and immediately had it pointed out to me that I like aiming high. Which I do. I would like to achieve those high goals once in a while as well.

So I looked at my May goals again. Among other things there is „finish writing current novel“, and „sew dress, t-shirts and yoga pants“, „do taxes“ and „paint balcony“ on there. Which I though was okay but then I realized that my sewing goals alone would mean about twenty hours had to go there. And the writing would take about thirty hours, maybe more. And that along all the exercise, housework, errands, music, appointments and blog-reading (and -writing) and the podcast. And the newsletter.

Now the balcony will be a joint effort of at least the three adults in the house, maybe the boy will help a little as well. But that means if the weather is nice at the end of the month we will spend a whole week on that. It’s brutal. Especially for my husband who is the only one of us who can get on the ladder and work on that balcony from the outside.

And that means one week of this month is completely out for things like sewing. I might get a few words in here and there but that will not be prime productive time for other things for sure.

So I sat down and decided that a) I need to hit a 1,500 word goal for every day until then, b) even if I can’t spend twenty hours on sewing clothes I need to make that a priority and at least commit to moving the needle forward a little each day.

And I didn’t want my regular routine stuff to suffer in any way.

So. Since the day before had been a public holiday I needed to both go for a run and go grocery shopping today, which I usually do on Tuesdays. I also needed to go to the farmer’s market for potatoes and asparagus, and we were about to run out of tea. And I needed interfacing and buttons for the dress, and maybe also elastic for the yoga pants’ waistbands.

Also my husband wanted to get stuff from the nursery and wanted to run as well. Which meant that we both needed the bike trailer. I carry a lot of stuff every week but I won’t carry 17 kilos of potatoes all the way home from the market.

We made a plan.

My husband would ride his bike with the trailer to the nursery while I would go for my run. By the way, I ran a personal best. Less walking than before. When I came back I changed into regular shoes and a different jacket and took the trailer to the market with my bike. Put the potatoes in the house and the trailer and bike back into the garage and walked to the tea shop. Then to the craft store. And then I went to the supermarket, only to find that I had forgotten my grocery list.

I bought everything I remembered and walked home again. Where my husband was frantically cooking lunch. And then I went back out again to get the rest of the things we needed.

Then lunch, then taking a shower, then singing warm-up, then teaching.

Made a call to my father in between students. I’m not usually calling my parents that much but my father has been having a few health issues and my mother is traveling this week so I checked on him.

In the evening I didn’t fell like writing at all. In fact I procrastinated for about an hour.

And then I sat down and did it.

First day done, thirty more to go.

And I still went to bed on time. And managed to get 10,000 steps in. Funny that.

Today will be another crazy busy day. The plan is to go running around eight (which is about 2 1/2 hours earlier than usual) so that I can go to  a doctor’s appointment on time. I will get an ultrasound to see if my thyroid nodules have changed in any way. Then I will go to the health food store next to the doctor’s office and buy all., I have already decided that I will get myself a candy bar. I’m trying to abstain from things that have added sugar at the moment because I want to lose weight but I will make an exception tomorrow.

Then I hope to be in time to help with making lunch, then I will record the podcast, then teach, squeeze the music somewhere in between and then I will have all evening to write all.the.words.

I am predicting that I will be pretty fried on the weekend. I also will be much less cranky and a lot happier.

I hope.

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