Apr 272018

And no, not all that productive.

But I did the cleaning with minimal fuss. It seems that the weekly round of cleaning is not quite as big a deal anymore, and once I get started I don’t really mind it. That is definitely progress.

Of course, since I’m me, next thing I will stop cleaning altogether for no apparent reason.

I did teach quite a few students. And I started weaving the ends in on the Carbeth cardigan. There were too many ends for the bit of time that I had.

There was asparagus omelette for lunch which was really yummy, and also something I had never eaten before.

IMG 1288

Then the watching of „Star Trek“ with the boy. No writing at all, meh.

And now it’s time for the weekend. We will go out for lunch because it’s our 23d wedding anniversary. I’m really looking forward to that. And there will be an 8K-run.

Not looking forward as much to doing the taxes but maybe I’ll do those tomorrow instead.

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