Apr 272018

I slept for nine hours straight which is a bit weird these days. But I was really well-rested. Which meant that I felt all tired and un-energetic for the rest of the day.

I didn’t have to wait for the piano tuner because he showed up twenty minutes early. Not problem there. He was as flabbergasted as I was by the Life-Saver problem and has told me several things I can do if I have the problem again.

Then I went running:

IMG 1285

Took a shower and helped my husband make a huge lunch:

IMG 1287

That is chickpea curry, chicken curry and goutweed. I never had goutweed before, ever, and I didn’t even know that you could eat it until a short while ago. The yard is full of it. My husband actually picked the one that is growing inside the greenhouse. (No, nobody put it there, it just grows like crazy.)

I really like it. It’s somewhere between spinach and kale. So that was a new experience.

Then I spent a few hours procrastinating about writing and taxes, two things that must be avoided at any cost, it seems. Then teaching. Then a call to my mother, and bed.

I have given up on strength training for this week. I shouldn’t but that’s what I did.

Today there will be cleaning and music and lots of teaching, and no pizza for lunch because my husband doesn’t have enough time, and so we’ll make asparagus omelettes. Probably.

And then the weekend.

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