Apr 262018

I mean, that’s actually where all my time goes. And reading.

Woke up with the alarm  – which has happened a lot lately – and got up a little late after publishing the blog post and reading email and such, breakfast and got interrupted while meditating. Which happens a lot. At least I tried, and I’m sure it makes a difference even if I’m only meditating for a few minutes.

I got running pretty early, which was very good:

IMG 1278

It was really dry and the wind in the afternoon wasn’t helping. And this is how it looked at the end of my run:

IMG 1280

And then I had the very first ever green asparagus risotto of my life. And it was rather delicious:

IMG 1282

Because I went running rather early I had time to actually write a bit in the morning as well. Phew.

Then more writing, and music, and teaching.

Today the piano tuner will look at my LifeSaver-thing inside the piano. Of course, ever since I called him again the whole thing has been working without a problem. I decided to have him look at it anyways.

I hope that I will have time for a run, and then I want to do all.the.taxes before teaching. I guess my plan of doing some strength training is doomed right from the start.

Somehow this week is feeling much busier than it sounds. Weird.

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