Apr 222018

Which is really great.

Usually I have all these plans for Saturday and then I end up sitting around doing nothing the whole day.

But. Yesterday I did a 6K run (and I actually ran most of the time):

IMG 0034

And then I helped making lunch and then I actually forgot to do the lunch dishes and hung around reading a bit so it looked like it would end up a typical Saturday where I’m all cranky in the evening.

But then I did do the dishes, practice singing, piano, and guitar, wrote a few more words on the novel, installed Microsoft Office on my new computer, and started doing the taxes.

Here’s my productive procrastination:


And actual writing:

Bildschirmfoto 2018 04 21 um 17 46 03

And then we had dinner and got ready to go to Munich for an amazing concert.

IMG 0035

And back home and late to bed. The musicians were really, really good. I especially loved the drummer.

So. Today will be.a quiet day. I already slept in (until seven), there will be a bit of yoga, and more writing (but not a whole lot), and music, and taxes and I really hope to get the fabric cut out for the dress I want to make.

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