Apr 212018

Which we all knew already.

I woke up stupid early yesterday, around five and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I had a rather lazy morning reading until I got up at 6.30 as usual.

I was pretty unhappy about the not-writing the past few days, especially since I had had high hopes of finally getting back to the writing the night before. I opened the program, looked at what I had written before and went, „Ah no, I’m just too tired!“ again and shut the computer down.

So yesterday morning when I was finished with breakfast and the boy had gone off to school I meditated for five minutes right away, and then I opened the writing program again and wrote for 24 whole minutes. Which resulted in something like 800 words. And that made the whole day feel much better than the ones before.

My husband got up pretty early as well but that was alright because I had already packed the computer away. I did take the time to figure out the next step for my Carbeth cardigan and knitted the I-cord on the first button band.

I started cleaning early and even mopped the floors, and then I started listening to the podcast and writing show notes, and took pictures of my current projects, and I made pizza from scratch for lunch, and taught many students. And the one of them canceled which gave me the opportunity to finish the whole podcast-thing early.

And then there was dinner and watching Star Trek with the boy while spinning and knitting and eating chocolate, and then I had to do all.the.dishes including the baking sheets from the pizza-making.

I did re-open the writing program twice that day, and each and every time my husband showed up to talk to me about something. It is a little uncanny.

So. Today there will be running and all the usually things (and some writing I hope) and then I will have to get going on the taxes. Ugh.

And tonight my husband and I will be seeing a concert. Something free jazz and hardbop if I recall correctly. Piano, drums and sax.

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