Apr 182018

The potato bed is done! (Not by me but my husband is very happy. I’m happy that he is happy.) And I managed to finally order fabric for a couple of t-shirts and yoga pants. Phew. I couldn’t decide on what to get for my planned Robson coat and Hollyburn skirt so I ordered samples.

I woke up early after a great night of sleep, and decided – again – to not write in the morning. That is becoming a bad habit. There was breakfast and grocery shopping, and since my husband was rather desperate I offered to get alcohol-free beer and soda as well.

Then I helped a little with making lunch which turned out to be so late that I decided to eat a sandwich instead and save lunch for dinner.

Then there was teaching, and a little music (not much), and a lot of procrastination, and then I decided to find out how to file our taxes this year because things have changed, and was successful even. I had a bit of a scare when I tried finding the file I have from the tax agency and had to realized that that file had been downloaded to the old computer right before it tanked but, phew, thanks to backups I still had it.

Then I decided to finally get my act together and find out what fabric I need and want for the next few sewing projects. And then it was so painless and fast that I ended up ordering the fabric even. So in about a week (one jersey fabric was on backorder) I will have fabric so I can finally make the clothes I desperately need. Woohoo.

Then I did strength training, also something that makes me very happy because I haven’t done it in too long, and reheated the stuffed peppers that were supposed to be lunch, and then I waited for the boy to finish his shower so that I could do the dishes, and then I was very exhausted and tired.

No writing. I need to sit down and think about the story properly because I’m at the point where those disparate scenes that I’ve written need to be patched together. Getting back after a break is always hard.

Today there will be running and teaching and more music and more writing. At least I hope so.

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