Apr 172018

Yesterday I went running in the rain but it was still fun. I wore a baseball cap and my glasses staid dry. Mostly.

IMG 1254

I did finish the Carbeth cardigan’s neckband and now there is only some I-cord left.

I got a new student which is always a good thing.

Then I tackled the novel. I had to delete a scene that was half-written because it was extremely boring and didn’t fit, and then I looked through two other scenes. Managed a total of one new word written but still, progress of a sort.

Went to bed on time but did nod off half an hour before that. Seems I’m still tired from the sleep deprivation over the weekend. My sleep seems to be getting better which is wonderful.

Today there will be grocery shopping and writing and music and teaching and knitting and reading. And if I manage to finish the writing early I will watch some Netflix as well but only then.

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