Apr 162018

I had had vague plans of sewing because I was so motivated after meeting lots of great women wearing fabulous clothes but in the end I sat around knitting and reading. Basically the whole day. And then I changed to another chair, and sat down to knit and watch Netflix.

I did go to bed real early and have slept 8 1/2 hours which is glorious, and so I’m hoping that today will be a little more productive.

So today there will be the usual Monday things, teaching and making music and writing and, yes, even knitting. I’m almost finished with the Carbeth cardigan and I really like it. The alpaca is itchy but that won’t be much of a problem in winter I think:

IMG 1253

Since taking that photo I have knitted half the collar. And then I spent a few hours sorting the Cria cardigan I started when visiting my parents. The number of stitches at the end of the yoke was wrong. I found out what I did and fudged it. I only had to knit back one row, and then I could divide the body from the sleeves, and now it’s smooth sailing for a while. This is the part you can knit while holding a conversation and such. Just back and forth without a lot of shaping.

Today it’s raining which means my husband won’t be able to do any yard work. The poor man has been digging his potato bed for more than a week now. He mostly finished last night but only by doing nothing else all weekend. He is hurting all over.

This means running in the rain but I don’t care much.

I have my usual Monday feeling of easing back into routine. As nice as these meetings and travels are having my regular life back is even nicer.

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