Apr 152018

I had a marvelous day yesterday but right now I’m a bit exhausted.

I didn’t sleep much and then I had to hurry a bit to get the 9 o’clock train back to Augsburg.

There I met lots of sewing blogger again, this time about 35. First we went to a fabric store where there was extremely beautiful fabric that I didn’t buy because I need to sew other things first. And it was a little on the pricy side. I was sorely tempted by some orange and pink fabric but then decided against it after all.

I ate the sandwiches I had made at home sitting in a park in the sun, and talked with all kinds of people, mostly about sewing. I learned a lot by talking to other people who sew clothes, that was great. But we also did a lot of talking about where do you come from, what are you doing and such.

Then we went to the textile museum in Augsburg and learned a lot about different fibers and mechanical looms and all the kinds of looms that are used in the textile industry, complete with demonstrations, and a little about fashion and work conditions in the textile industry here in the 19th century.

I seem to have been the only spinner in the group and the only weaver (I’m a little hesitant to call myself a weaver but still.) and since I’m me I kept adding stuff to what the guide was telling us, ahem. Also reading all those books about silk and flax and wool and fashion and the history of textile work seems to have made me know things I was asked several times if I work in the field professionally.

It also shows that I’m a know-it-all who can’t keep her mouth shut.

I also was recognized by my voice for the first time ever, turned out one of the other women is a podcast listener.

I count that as a milestone.

After the tour we went out for an early dinner where I talked to yet more people and took a train back home where I promptly watched Netflix for too long and went to bed too late.

Today I’ll probably spend the whole day not doing anything and being cranky because of that.

I could try to write 11,500 words to make up for last week and reach my goal but I doubt that I will.

There will be knitting and reading and maybe a little reading, and then we’ll see. Sewing would be a nice change.

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