Apr 142018

Busy and productive day yesterday but I gave up on writing. My head was so filled with excitement about the meeting for dinner that there was no space left for fiction writing. Also, I’m having a problem because I wrote a really lovely scene with magic, and now I’m not sure if a) this scene actually belongs in the book because it’s completely different from everything else, and b) what should happen next and what happened before.

The fun of writing out of order. I think that chapter is really good, though, and I’ve only written about half the story so far so maybe it does belong there. Stay tuned.

Of course I didn’t take a single picture from the meeting (bad blogger), so I leave you with one of me in my outfit in bad light:

IMG 1249

I changed to classy hand knit socks and Mary Janes later because it was colder outside than inside, and wore a short-sleeved cardigan on top (with the wrong side out – I’m just that elegant).

Soon I’ll be heading back to Augsburg for a day of fabric stores, talking, textile museums, and dinner out again. Which reminds me that I wanted to look at the menu of where we’re going online so I can ponder the food that probably has the least fructose. Yesterday I choose well until everybody had dessert and I found myself ordering „Brez’ncreme“. No, I’m not quite sure what that is, either. Was pretty flan-like.

By the way I decided on wearing the new t-shirt (that doesn’t really go with a skirt but who cares) with my denim skirt and striped leggings. Also socks again and a brown hand knit, handspun cardigan. The wrap skirt will have a semblance of fit regardless of how much I’ll eat, and the rest can mostly be put on and taken off as the weather heats up and cools down again.

When going back home last night I was very happy I had fingerless mitts and a shawl. In the afternoon I might want to get rid of everything wool plus the leggings.

See, that’s me. Always planning these things as if I were going on an expedition. And I decided to take my own food for lunch so that I know if it<#s something I can eat or not.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be back home rather late again and will spend all of tomorrow just sitting there doing nothing.

Yeah, sounds about right.

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