Apr 132018

Pretty good day. I didn’t really want to get up in the morning, though.

These days I’m sleeping from somewhere between 9.30 or 10 until my alarm goes off at 6.30. Sometimes with a brief break somewhere around 4.30. So it seems my step has improved. Which is good.

I’m making slow progress on the Carbeth cardigan. I’m at the point where the rows are the longest so things will pick up speed again soon.

I went for a run pretty early, and then helped making moqueca  or at least an approximation of it. I managed to write 600 words before teaching (and I also wrote 630 words the day before after all) and practiced and taught my students and the I actually managed to make myself do strength training. It was push and pull day and by the last exercise my arms felt limp and weak and I only managed six reps on each set. I am expecting to be really, really sore by Saturday. I’m also feeling my legs which is weird because this was not about legs at all.

I guess it’s time to get back into shape.

Then dinner and a little more writing.

Today there will be the cleaning of the house, and the making of the pizza (I’m only helping this week.) and then the teaching and a little practice, and then I’ll be off to Augsburg for the sewing blogger meet up part one for dinner.

I’ll probably be back home rather late, and then I’ll be off to Augsburg again Saturday morning for a visit to a fabric store and a guided tour of the Augsburg textile museum, and another dinner.

So my blog post tomorrow morning might just be a little short.

Busy day ahead. And I still can’t quite decide if I want to wear the purple Swing dress tonight, or the new t-shirt with the denim skirt, or if I should wear the skirt on Saturday because big pockets are always a plus for a day-long excursion or the orange dress with red polka dots.

I’ve been wondering if the orange dress is a little too kindergarten for me at this point of life. Especially worn with orange and red stripy leggings.

At least I only have three outfits that I have to decide between because, of course, for a sewing blogger thing I need to wear something that I made myself.

This is all so exciting. And a little scary. As these things are.

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