Apr 122018

Well, that was not my most organized day. But productive enough. We will stay silent about fiction-writing.

I have to confess that I have started to write these blog posts the night before, and then I usually plan to write some fiction afterwards but I almost never do. Which would be disastrous today because so far there have been zero words. Zilch.

The morning went alright up to the point when my husband showed up rather early. Which made me realize that I was pretty confused. First, I was talking gibberish, and then I managed to buy a train ticket for the wrong day. Instead of Friday at 6.15 pm and Saturday at 9 I actually bought a ticket for Friday 9 am. The good thing was that a) I noticed it right away when the train ticket site sent me the calendar link, and b) I could cancel that ticket at no cost. Phew.

So now I’m all set regarding the sewing blogger meeting. At least I have all the necessary train tickets. And the money for tram fare and museum entrance in an envelope. With my name on it. And the form that we’re supposed to fill out. I also downloaded the map of Augsburg to my phone. And I’m almost sure what I’m going to wear.

Then I did most if my usual housework stuff after breakfast. Seem to have forgotten about recycling and such because come lunchtime there was no alcohol-free beer in the fridge. Second oops of the day.

Then my husband went over the nursery list with me in great detail. Which turned out to be a very good thing when I tried to take said list out of my purse at the actual nursery. Because it was still on the table at home.

So I bought everything I remembered, and researched apricot trees. Rode my bike with two big bags of earth back home. Talked to my husband about apricot trees, Got the list, turned around and went back to the nursery. Bought the tree and two more packs of seeds. Put everything in the bike trailer. Checked the list again. Found that I had forgotten seeds again. Went back in, looked for seeds and twine and gardening gloves. Was afraid that someone would steal my tree out of the trailer. Rode my bike home with the tree sticking out of the bike trailer.

Then it was too late for running.

But. Not only did I do all that, I also cleaned another window, and went to the hardware store (which is right across the street from the nursery) to buy that sieve-thingy that you screw into the faucet. Because we were having one faucet that wasn’t working properly without said thingy, and it had been going on for months now, and it had been bugging me like crazy. And every time I talked to my husband he said, „Well, I have a huge list for the hardware store, and one of these days I will go there and buy that part too.“ Only he never did. And so I decided that my piece of mind is worth going to the hardware store twice in.a row. Also my husband’s hardware store lists are even more convoluted and complicated than his nursery lists. And it’s usually three or four lists and a couple of post-its, so every time he actually does go to the hardware store he needs to consolidate lists for an hour or two. After finding them, of course.

Then I helped making lunch, and took a shower, and did the dishes and hung up laundry, and practiced and then I taught quite a few students. In between I found out again how to log into the website where I do my taxes.

Then I forced the boy to play the piano, and then I told him how to make pancake soup while I was busy tidying up and changing out of work clothes and cleaning doorhandles. (Don’t ask.)

More dishes, and hour of procrastination, and there we are.

Today there will be running (for real this time) and writing (dito) and music and teaching and email and strength training (possibly). And the pressing of the dress fabric, something that apparently is a task so monumental that one needs weeks to do it.

Phew. This was brought to you by 25 minutes of procrastinating about writing fiction.


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