Apr 112018

Pretty good Tuesday all in all. And sometimes I think I should stop judging my days.

I didn’t write quite as much as I wanted to (what else is new), and I didn’t make progress on the tee I wanted to sew. I did run errands and went to the health food store, and even washed two small windows. And swept the kitchen floor. And did a load of laundry.

The sewing didn’t happen because when I looked at the fabric left over from my Plantain Tee I thought there was enough to make a Boogie tee as well. And there was. Only there was no piece of it big enough that I could cut the back piece out. I considered making a center back seam for about ten seconds after I had placed the back pattern piece everywhere I could think of and had to admit defeat.

I then briefly thought about buying new fabric right away. And then I came to my senses again and realized that I will be buying lots of fabric soon, and that there is no need to go wild so that I can have something new to wear to the sewing blogger meeting. No one there has ever seen me or any of the clothes I have made for myself so I will be perfectly fine wearing something that’s already in my closet now.

I can still make progress on the dress today and tomorrow and everything will be fine in the end.

Today there will be running, and then I’ll ride my bike to the nursery for heavy garden stuff because my husband is all frazzled because he needs bigger veggie beds for the potatoes which means about a week of digging. (No kidding. The ground here is mostly gravel with rocks and tree roots. So for every shovelful you lift out you then have to spend about fifteen minutes sifting through it picking stones. Fun.) And then I’ll write like the wind, and then start on that dress already. This might be the day where I finally press that fabric.

But what I really wanted to write about today was

The daily writing habit

A few days ago I found yet another writer who is sending out helpful e-mails to other (mostly aspiring) writers and I liked what I read and then he had this paragraph in his newsletter saying that I could sign up for free so that I could develop a daily writing habit and be accountable and part of a group and possibly unicorns. (Okay, there were no unicorns.)

I clicked the link and thought, „Oh yes! I want a daily writing habit! I’m so disappointed with my progress! Sign me up!“

I did come to my senses, though. Just when I was about to put my email-address into the signup form a small voice in the back of my head started saying, „Wait a minute. Are you sure? I don’t think you need this. You already have a daily writing habit, you dumbo!”


I had forgotten.

I have been writing here on this blog every day without fail for the past 209 days. I might not be completely happy with the amount of novel-writing I do but, um, I’m still writing several hundred words per day on average on the novel plus the blog writing. Okay, I’d rather write more consistently, and I’d love to have a higher output but I definitely don’t need to sign up somewhere so that I can develop a ‘daily writing habit’.

Sometimes I’m a bit slow. Blogging does count as writing. This is certainly not high literature or aspirational but – it certainly is something I am, indeed, writing every day. And several hundred words at that,


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