Apr 092018

Not a bad day, not the best either.

I actually started writing before lunchtime so that was a win.

Lunch at my mother-in-law’s was very good but she forgot that my husband and I can’t have onions. Oops. We were there for two hours or so.

Then I went and procrastinated a bit before writing some more. I sang and I played the piano. Then I tried to make myself start with the dress I want to sew but unfortunately the boy needed my help with some homework again. So, you see, it wasn’t me, I just didn’t have a chance. (Never mind the hour I wasted beforehand.)

I’m almost finished with the second sleeve for my Carbeth cardigan.

My husband is turning more lawn into veggie beds. This time it’s for the potatoes again.

I’m laughing at myself because I used to think that I wasn’t an anxious person. Until I realized that all of that organizational and planning stuff I do is because I am, in fact, anxious.

I’ll be going to a sewing blogger meeting in Augsburg next weekend. I looked up trains weeks before. And put them in my calendar. And thought about what to wear. And then I got the confirmation e-mail with all the addresses and times. And looked up more trains, and looked up the locations on google maps, and today I pulled out the list of attending bloggers and looked them all up.

Yeah. Not anxious at all. Funny. At least I won’t stay home because I’m feeling uncomfortable.

Oh, and today I found out that I’m no longer getting an email when someone leaves a comment. That’s why I haven’t been replying to them. I just didn’t know.

No idea what’s wrong, the settings are fine. I’ll try to remember to check more often, and I hope I’ll catch everybody’s comment. Sorry, I had no idea.

And tomorrow there will be running, and then teaching and in between making music and writing some more and knitting. Sounds good to me.

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