Apr 072018

Phew. That one was a doozy.

I woke up at 6.30 from my alarm, and started the day by writing my blog post. Then I hung out in bed reading blogs and such, as one does. I only got up at 7.45 and then I realized that I hadn’t taken my thyroid medication which was a little unfortunate because that one needs to be taken half an hour before breakfast and I had to leave the house at 8.30.

So I ate breakfast a mere 17 minutes after taking that pill. Oops.

The good news is that I won’t drop dead from this (I wouldn’t have done it in that case) it just makes your body absorb less of it.

I left the house a little late, and then rode my bike to my ob/gyn checkup. I had planned to leave earlier and to bike there very slowly. Turns out when I think I just bike at a leisurely pace it’s actually pretty fast these days. Also I get rather sweaty. I did apologize to my doctor. Who had rode his bike to work as well.

Everything was fine, I rode back home, I got my medication (though I still have to go back again for some of it), and then I went to the supermarket because I hadn’t been all week. Then lunch, and then I had to procrastinate about recording the podcast. I was right in the middle of putting together a list of everybody who had commented on every available channel when I realized that I could be doing this for hours, or I could actually record the podcast.

So I gathered my projects, and I warmed up my voice for the first time in weeks, and then I recorded the podcast.

Too bad that the sound was really, really bad and so soft that you couldn’t hear me properly.

So I decided to try again. In the first version the microphone was off frame, it looked pretty good but the volume was all over the place. When doing it again I placed the mic right where it belongs, in front of my face, so you will see it all the time, but the sound is just so much better.

Next up I will have to listen to the recording, write show notes, then sync the audio and video, cut the beginning off where I’m just sitting there staring at the computer while waiting for the whole thing to start, then I will upload everything, and if things go right (and I really hope they will) there will be another podcast episode out this afternoon or so.

So today there will be running, and laundry, and finishing and publishing the podcast, and probably not much else because that’s already a lot.

And one of these days I should really start working on my novel again. Otherwise I won’t be able to finish it, funny enough.

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