Apr 062018

So I got up a little late, had breakfast and went on my first run in ages. It was harder than before but made me happy nonetheless. I did forget to take a picture while out so here is one of my feet in running socks on my bedroom rug:

IMG 1233

I made lunch for the boy and me. I have really become a bad cook because I never do it anymore. It still tasted okay. Then I waited for the piano tuner to come so he could install the display under the piano keyboard, and then I found myself waiting for my husband all afternoon. Even though I knew he wouldn’t be here before five.

So I bought a new book and read it for hours and didn’t get much done. I don’t like this.

Husband came home around six, we had dinner and talked. His trip was about as much fun as mine. The weather was worse than here and he had a fight with his friend.

There were only 160 words written but I went to bed early-ish.

Today I will have my yearly ob/gyn checkup. When I called yesterday to make an appointment and renew my prescriptions they told me I could come in this morning. Since getting there takes about 45 minutes I’m happy to only make one trip but it will throw today’s plans off.

There might be cleaning, or there might not. There should be the recording of the podcast. I didn’t do it yesterday because I was so busy waiting. There should also definitely be writing.

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