Apr 052018

Well, I did do some things, of course. I sat around most of the day, ate all.the.things and hit refresh on ravelry. I took a shower, and the boy and I went out for sushi for lunch.

I taught my one student and afterwards the boy and I sat down in front of TV, watching Netflix while eating potato chips and gummy bears.

The end.

Not the most productive of days but I guess I did need a day off. I definitely did not need that many gummy bears. It’s time to go back to eating low-fructose, this kind of binging makes me feel horrible. Even if I do it because I feel bad and want to feel better. Bad move. Every time.

Today there will be running (yes, I will do it – no really) and the cooking of lunch, and probably the recording of the podcast, and maybe the piano tuner will come and install that final really small sliver of wood, and my husband will be back from Italy.

Maybe I should schedule the piano tuner, do some test recordings for the podcast, and do the actual recording tomorrow when there is no danger of all the people ringing the doorbell all the time.

There is lots to do. As always. Laundry and dishes and exercise and such.

I really should write a lot today as well. I hope the habit of not writing will go away. And the habit of constantly eating things that don’t agree with me. In my head the two are linked as well.

It is a little tiring to have to relearn good habits all the time. I’d rather be someone who changes their behavior and has it stick. Alas, that has never happened to me.

So once more into the breach.

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