Apr 042018

Being home is just the best.

Travel yesterday went very well. I’m glad that I took an earlier bus and train because of the construction but traveling for eleven hours is a long day. Sitting around at train stations waiting for an hour is not the most fun thing to do either.

For once I did not set an alarm and managed to sleep in. Until 7.15. Ahem.

I will need a little time to process the trip.

Today I want to have as regular a day as I can manage.

There might be running, and teaching of one student, and laundry, and lots of watching Star Trek in the evening, and not much else, I guess.

Tomorrow my husband will be back, at least that’s what the boy told me.

The boy was very happy here, being mostly alone for two days. He did have lunch with his grandmother every day, though.

I just spent four days waiting, being talked at and being bored.

I managed to write two days but everything deteriorated in the past two days. Writing on trains is hard because there are always people talking. I have no idea how people write in cafes, I find it impossible.

Getting food that does not contain too much fructose for me while traveling is nearly impossible. Maybe I should have lived on fries.

My mother was already speaking of my visit next year. Humpf.

Maybe I’ll just stay in bed today and do nothing. I’m pooped.

  2 Responses to “Daily Journal – Day 203: Re-entry”

  1. Ich lass mich auch gerne von Gesprächen um mich rum ablenken. Wenn meine Beschäftigung sehr spannend ist funktioniert das mit der Fokussierung. Hilft vielleicht (Instrumental-) Musik, die Umwelt auazublenden?

    • Das Dumme bei Musik ist bei mir, dass die mich auch ablenkt. Auch Instrumentalmusik. Ich kann einfach bei Musik nicht weghören (okay, ich kann bei nichts weghören) – Berufskrankheit.

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