Mar 312018

I have to say that I’m cheating a bit, I’m writing this the night before to get posted today because I have to catch a train before eight.

Yesterday I had planned all kind of things out but instead of cleaning in the morning I wandered around tidying the house and finding things I needed to take with me. Like tissues, and shampoo, and I wound the yarn I wanted to take, and measured the gauge swatch, and decided on a size to knit, and put a big fat note in the pattern that I will have to recalculate everything to do with length because I didn’t get gauge.

It’s funny, the pattern said to hang the swatch for a few days weighted. Well, turns out the springy merino I’ve spun doesn’t grow in length at all. Of course the pattern is meant to be made from something like silk or alpaca, so this is all my own fault. Fortunately I am the proud owner of an app that let’s me calculate the changes easily.

There were penne arrabbiata for lunch. Only without penne because we were out (that pesky shopping list again) but girandole were almost as good.

Then I procrastinated about writing for a bit, as one does, then I started cleaning, and then I wanted to make the Hefezopf but it turned out we were completely out of yeast. Oops. I had bought everything else, and when I went grocery shopping there was still fresh yeast in the fridge. Which turned out to be bad some time during the week. But that’s not a problem because we always have dry yeast. Unless someone uses the last one and doesn’t put it on the grocery list. Oops.

Well. We can survive Easter without it. Probably. I texted my mom and asked her to get the ingredients for the Zopf and made a copy of the recipe. So I guess I’ll spend tonight baking at my parents house.

I will have a pretty tight schedule in the morning to get out of the house in time. And then I’ll spend eight hours on trains and one hour at the station in Hannover. We always plan it like that in case the train is a little late. Eight minutes for changing trains can be a little stressful. Plus there is this Asian place right in the station that has amazing food. That will be my lunch today. I’m really looking forward to that.

It’s all very exciting. And yes, I know that it’s just a trip to my parents where I’ve been dozens of times before. (Not the house I grew up in.) But we’re talking about the woman who almost gets an anxiety attack when she has to go to the grocery store. And yet I do love to travel.

I’m still waffling if I should pack everything into the daypack but it would be.a tight fit. And having a purse might be a plus. I am changing things around, though, I’m not taking the ukulele for once, and I’m packing my clothes and toiletries into the messenger bad that is my purse and everything I need on the train into the backpack. That stuff is much heavier so it’s nicer to carry on my back.

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