Mar 282018


Feels like I barely did anything yesterday but in fact, I did quite a bit.

I went grocery shopping to two stores and picked the two pairs of pajamas that I had ordered for the boy up from a third one. I made myself frozen pizza for lunch. And then I sat down and spun the whole afternoon. First while watching the book cover design course all to the end and then watching some shows. I have only forty grams of fiber left before I can ply the first half or so. Probably a little more. I’m hoping to spin that all up tomorrow, maybe even ply it in the evening and wash it. That would be perfect.

I got some couscous veggie-thing for the boy for dinner and heated that up, and I boiled some eggs to go with sandwiches for my husband and me. Did all the dishes on time. Hung up laundry. I was really relieved that the clothes I’ll need over the weekend are finally washed.

Feels like I didn’t do a thing because I spent all afternoon in front of the TV. But spinning about sixty grams of merino is nothing to sneeze at. Which I did a lot. Right now the cold is wandering down to my voice again. Just lovely.

I also tested the rain jacket and shoes I want to take with me next weekend. Today it was about the same temperature it will be next Saturday and while I was a little cold, I was fine. I am not schlepping two jackets with me for four days, so I’ll settle for being a little cold on Sunday and a little too warm on Tuesday.

The boy forgot when he needed to be ready this morning so I had to get up at six. Ugh. Then it turned out that he had to leave the same time as usual so I could have slept half an hour longer.

Well, I could have left him to fend for himself but getting breakfast ready in the morning for him is really important to me. My mother always had a hard time getting up (she always stayed up too late watching TV) and so when I was eight years old I wanted an alarm clock, and once I had that I started making her coffee in the morning, and shortly after I stopped eating breakfast. I drank a glass of soda, made my own sandwiches to take to school and that was it. And so one of the few things that I really wanted to do if I ever had my own kids was to get up, cheerfully and on time (which I don’t always manage) and make breakfast and their snacks. The other thing is reading to them at night before bed. Which I did up to the point when the boy asked me to stop because he could read on his own. Turns out that, like both my husband and I, he does like reading better than being read to.

Today I’ll be teaching one student, and spin a lot and maybe write a little. With my voice getting worse again I have given up all hopes of recording the podcast this week. It’s all good. I’ll just do it next week. Sick is sick.

You’d think that without all the exercise I’d have oodles of time, and it does make my mornings a little lighter but somehow it doesn’t make as much of a difference as you’d think.


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