Mar 262018

For the past few days I have been angry at myself for not getting enough done, especially with the writing.

So yesterday I set my alarm at 7 because of the start of daylight savings time; I decided to go to bed early and set it half an hour later than usual, and I managed to sleep for eight blissful hours.

I got up, had a somewhat late breakfast, and then started writing, so that was good. My husband got up around the usual time, the boy slept in (he will be so tired tomorrow morning!) and I called my mother on the phone to discuss the food for next weekend.

I helped my husband make bifteki, baked potatoes, tsatsiki, and fried eggplant and it was delicious. Didn’t look like much, though, so no picture.

And then the same thing happened as the last few days. I sat down after doing the dishes for a little break and somehow never got around to doing anything. Mind you, that happens a lot when I have a day off but not like this.

And then it hit me. My voice is still not quite there (I can talk but not for too long), and I still am having a sore throat and now the whole thing also has moved upwards into my sinuses.

So, of course I am not productive. I’m still sick. Not lying in bed with a fever sick but sick enough to not exercise (wah!) and to run out of energy after lunch. Duh.

I will now stop flogging myself for just hanging around reading instead of writing and go a bit slower.

Then I read through some blog posts in my feed reader and stumbled upon Kate Davies’ Carbeth for the umpteenth time. She even has made a cardigan version now, which I find much better than a pullover. I always thought that this would look hideous on me because of my shape. I do love, love boxy cropped tops but they usually make me look really fat. Also I thought that the lines in the front would look bad with a bigger bust. But. Then I looked through a ton of pictures on ravelry, pulled out some yarn that I still had in my stash.

I might make myself a Carbeth cardigan out of alpaca/merino yarn! It will be insanely warm for sure. I even started swatching right away.

The boy and I watched a little TV while I spun and I went to bed almost on time.

Today there will be one student and maybe a little yoga instead of the running and a lot of spinning. Some writing too.

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