Mar 222018

Phew. After the day before I thought I could just go on like that, and then – of course – I didn’t.

I woke up early but didn’t feel like writing. I also had to write my blog post first.

So no writing before breakfast. And then I just kept finding reasons why I couldn’t start writing just now. One after the other.

I did wind my sample yarn for the new sweater I’m planning into a ball and started swatching. I had thought the yarn were too skinny but it turns out, no, it’s not. Quite the contrary. My gauge was way off, and the swatch was stiff and unyielding. For the sweater I’m planning (Cria by Ysolda Teague) I need a drape-y and open fabric.

IMG 1210

So I’m really happy that I only spun a bit of sample yarn. Next I’ll got back to the wheel and spin something a little thinner. And swatch again. Better to do that than to hate the sweater in the end.

I did manage to do the dishes on time, and I mailed three letters and went to the supermarket. And was back almost in time to help with lunch. A little too late, though.

We had a rather early lunch. The boy eating lunch elsewhere does make our lives easier. A little. And then instead of writing and working and getting things done I sat around eating chocolate bars. I had bought four, two for me and two for the boy. I did manage not to eat all four. I did eat three and left just one for the poor boy. Well, he hadn’t known that he might have had two, but still. Not my proudest moment.

I managed to take a shower barely in time for my first lesson of the day. And before, I finally started writing.

Then I taught non-stop all afternoon. And when I was done with teaching the boy had returned from work. Very hungry.

I reheated lunch for his dinner and ate a sandwich. Then I did the dishes right away because I was so exhausted that I was sure if I even waited a minute or two I wouldn’t do them.

My husband was meeting with an old friend for dinner so I barely saw him.

Then I procrastinated some more but ultimately I managed to get my writing done. Phew. And then it was time for bed.

I have to say that getting the writing done earlier in the day feels much better. Then I can still watch something or read without feeling guilty.

So my task for tomorrow is to stop procrastinating. Maybe I should have that tattooed on my hand. „Just do what needs to be done. Stop procrastinating, it only makes you unhappy.“ Knowing that only helps a little but it seems every little thing helps.

Today there will be very little teaching. I had planned to record the podcast but I still don’t really have a voice, so that’s out.

I’m pretty sure there will be more writing.

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