Mar 212018

I was rather inspired yesterday by the book „The Art of Taking Action“ (Amazon Affiliate-Link) and I was feeling a little better with the cold so I got a little more done.

Still no running or anything, I guess I will start that again next week, but I woke up early and started writing right away. I’m a little fed up with the lack of progress on the story.

I went to the tea shop and the health food store and when I came back I wrote some more. Taught my students, had the last one cancel on me, practiced piano, and played a little guitar, and wrote some more.

I even did the dishes, made deodorant and folded the laundry after lunch as a meditative practice. Also, not being able to do things really gets to me after a day or two. Restoring order to the world, even if it’s through folding laundry, feels much better.

The boy came home exhausted again. While he is mostly sorting things he also helped build a computer and did some research. Still, he is counting the days to when he’ll have his afternoons back.

Today there will be more of the.same, I’m hoping to move the story forward, and I will go to the supermarket, and make some music, and teach quite a bit.

I’m still sniffling like crazy and I still don’t really have a voice. I tried singing in one of my lessons and couldn’t. Only when my voice is gone do I realize how much I’m singing while teaching. Just to demonstrate something here and there. But at the moment I can’t.

I too, was exhausted last night, but that’s okay. I watched and episode of „Grace and Frankie“, read a little and turned out the lights at 9.30.

Oh, and I almost forgot. The amp that my husband has been working on, unable to fix since August?

It’s done.

He worked on it all day yesterday, in between everything else, and it is finally done. For months he was unable to find out what was wrong, and now it’s fixed.

We might open a bottle of champagne to celebrate on Friday when the amp will go back to its owner.

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