Mar 192018

I basically spent most of the day in bed, reading, surfing the web and dozing. I tried not to speak but failed.

I actually slept about nine hours last night. I’m still sick, as expected.

At least my voice isn’t completely gone. If I don’t talk much and rest a lot between students I guess I’ll be okay.

I did help making homemade gnocchi yesterday, that was good, so here’s a picture of the uncooked gnocchi:

IMG 1206

And the whole meal:

IMG 1207

Despite being sick I did manage to cut the boy’s hair yesterday. It still looks pretty wild because he wants to grow it out but at least I trimmed the bottom and he doesn’t look quite as overgrown.

Today I will be teaching but not that much. I’ll try to mostly communicate by sign language. Teaching singing will be, um, interesting but I’m pretty sure that that particular student can handle it.

The boy was pretty scared this morning because he has his first day of internship. He is nervous about finding his way there, and about the work, especially since they are putting him on the phone right away. I guess he’ll learn a lot.

I think I’ll spend the morning in bed today. No running for me, that’s for sure.

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