Mar 182018

So yesterday ended up being a day where I did nothing at all, apart from buying clothes with the boy. We walked to the very small mall here in town, hunted down 1 tee, 2 sweatshirts, 2 belts, and some chocolate (we both aren’t fond of clothes-shopping), failed to find pajamas that we liked, and walked back.

I did no running, only a little spinning, no writing, and no music because I’m sick. Laryngitis again. No idea where that comes from.

So today I will spend the day in bed and on the couch doing nothing, drinking lots of tea and not speaking.

My family hates it when I don’t speak, they find it spooky.

There will be crochet, and reading, and knitting, and maybe a shower. I need a pedicure but sitting around with bare feet for an hour or so might not be the best thing to do today. The boy need his hair cut.

We’ll see.

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