Mar 172018

The day went mostly as I wanted which is great.

I even started writing before lunchtime! My husband got up rather early which always leads to me getting more done because then we can both start into the day earlier.

I ended up writing 1,100 words which makes me happy. I also changed the sheets, cleaned most of the house, made pizza, taught four students, did some more research on how to record the video podcast better (I started breakfast late because of it but it was ready early enough for the boy to leave for school on time), made music, watched some TV show with the boy in the evening, and went to bed almost on time.

Right now I’m having a sore throat and I hope I won’t get sick. I’m not quite sure if I should run today or not. Maybe only my usual 5K.

Other than that there will be writing, and music, and family, and maybe I’ll press the fabric for the dress I want to make, and I need to cut the boy’s hair, and force him to go shopping for clothes. He will probably want me to accompany him. Most of his sweatshirts are years old and he really needs something that looks a bit better put together for the internship next week.

I’m using this weekend as a kind of dress rehearsal for Easter break. This time I will attempt to not spend my days off sitting around reading and knitting with nothing to show for at the end. I wouldn’t mind taking a few days completely off if it wouldn’t make me so cranky every time I do it.

So I’ll be trying to make good use of my weekend.

And don’t fear, there will be sitting around and reading as well as being productive. Just, I’d like there to be more than just sitting and reading.

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