Mar 152018

So yesterday was a whirlwind of things. I ran 6 kilometers instead of my usual 5 (and actually ran for most of them, even, helped with making lunch, played all my instruments, did all the dishes on time, taught all the students, had a student show me his new electrical guitar, organized a meeting between him and my husband so that he can take electrical guitar lessons starting next month, and then I sat down to watch not one but three webinars in a row.

Yeah, I thought it a bit much as well. I did drop the third one after half an hour.

The first one was Orna Ross’ monthly thing about creative entrepreneurship and creativity. It’s funny, she keeps saying things like, „I know we covered a ton of material in this event, feel free to ask me about anything you didn’t understand,“ and I keep waiting for something I didn’t know before. So I’m recommending this class for people just starting out.

I haven’t stopped attending her webinars because I like her very much. Still, not the best use of my time.

Then there was a thing with Jessica Abel about focusing on your creative projects while living your regular life. I totally love what she is doing and writing and I would love to take her workshop but it’s not in the budget right now. I will just have to make do using her book.

And then I started watching something where Bryan Cohen was rewriting a book description live but by then I was not really able to take anything in anymore, it was past my usual bedtime and I need to focus on finishing a book first before thinking about marketing and such.

Then I found that we had two messages on voice mail for the landline. Both for my husband, of course. Ao I went over to the annex to tell him (my husband goes to bed much later than I but he doesn’t know how to check messages on the new phone; I get them to my mobile which is always on these days in case my mother-in-law needs help). Two friends of his were complaining that he hadn’t gotten in touch. This happens to him all the time. He didn’t check his email for two days and didn’t have time to answer right away for one, and the other one just complained that nobody ever answers the phone at our house. We haven’t answered the phone in decades. We do call back if you leave a message. Usually.

Then I went to bed.

Woke up at 5.15 from a dream, knocked a full glass of water over and was pretty awake. I did try to fall asleep again after mopping up most of the water with limited success. The lamp on my nightstand was standing in a puddle at one point, I just hope that it will continue working.

Today will be interesting enough, I’ll be having my first ever mammogram. For this I need to take a bus and go to a town that I don’t know very well. The appointment is right at lunchtime so I need to organize my day around that.

I really hope to go running regardless and to do all my usual things today which might even be possible because I’ll only be teaching two students.

Sorry for not putting links in, I’m already a little late in getting up to make breakfast. I guess this will just be one of those days.

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