Mar 132018

It felt as if I hadn’t slept enough yesterday but I can’t really do anything if my body wakes me up an hour before the alarm.

The early start meant that there was time to go to the grocery store in the morning in addition to the run which was good. I bought red lentils that we ate right away.

IMG 0019

It was supposed to be raining but I got everywhere I wanted staying totally dry.

Lots of teaching in the afternoon, and not quite enough practice. I’m falling back into loads of bad habits at the moment. It feels like I can’t do the good ones because I don’t have the energy but I’m suspecting that I had more energy if I were using my better habits. This is always rather disheartening because I work so hard to live a certain way, and just when I think I’m almost there it’s all crumbling apart again.

Well, nothing to do but to start again.

I had really wanted to write some more in the evening but we were rather late with dinner, and then I had to wait for my husband, and the boy was taking a shower, and then I was watching a webinar about how to get reviews for your books (I might be better off actually finishing a book first.) and so the kitchen is now looking catastrophically untidy with piles of dirty dishes, and I went to bed too late.

When waiting for my webinar I started watching „Gracie and Frankie“ and it is really good and a lot of fun. I will certainly watch more of this.

Today. There will be grocery shopping by bike while it’s really windy which will take all morning, and then there will be research for how to record video properly, and then there will be teaching, and then I will probably just flop facedown into bed.

I was feeling bad this morning for not spending enough time on writing because if you look at my daily life my top priority seems to be ravelry and blogs but then I realized that the webinar counts too, and I felt a little better.

I still only wrote 500 words which doesn’t feel enough.

Today is a new day where I will certainly transform into a much better me who spends every free minutes adding to her novel with a smile on her face.

Yeah. That’s exactly what will happen. And she won’t eat any chocolate at all, and do strength training with vigor, and not drink any beer, and go to bed at nine with her face scrubbed and her teeth flossed. After having done all the dishes.


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