Mar 122018

I knew beforehand that I wouldn’t actually get much done yesterday and I was okay with that.

I didn’t think I would spend all afternoon procrastinating about writing, though. I got 500 words from sitting around for three hours while feeling bad. Whatever it takes.

Yesterday was also the day I caved and subscribed to Netflix. I don’t like subscriptions because you keep paying all the time, and I don’t watch that much TV but after trying to clean a faulty DVD for the third time in a row something in me snapped.

So we watched „Star Trek: The Next Generation“ in HD. Which is rather nice.

For now I’m still in the free trial month, of course, and we’ll see how long we’ll do this.

I did manage to go to bed almost on time, so I’m counting that as a win.

Today there will be running (in the rain), and quite a bit of teaching, and hopefully more writing, and music. Not much else, I guess.

I’m still shying away from listing all my „open loops“. I might press the fabric I want to make a dress out of. Yesterday I put the pattern pieces on the fabric and I think I have enough which would be great because it’s less than the pattern calls for.

I’m going for small wins here.

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