Mar 112018

I got up pretty late. I did wake up early but then thought about my life and my creative work and read half of Jessica Abel’s blog. I went running but didn’t take a picture and was a little faster than I have been lately. I took a little money with me and bought cookies at the store on my way home. I didn’t want to stress myself with the baking.

Slippers were finished:IMG 0018

Then I took a shower, ate something, and procrastinated about leaving for the spinning meeting for half an hour. Hopping on my bike when I have just returned from running is often somewhat hard. I should see this as triathlon training, maybe, with a shower break between.

The spinning meeting was great, there was fiber to buy that was really beautiful but I didn’t buy any, and I managed to finish spinning the singles for my current wheel project and start plying. Here are some pictures of empty spinning wheels because everybody was admiring the handdyed fiber:

IMG 0016IMG 0017

I rode my bike home through the rain, had dinner, and watched an episode of „Dollhouse“.

Today I am hoping to finally get back to writing. Not much else, I guess. Maybe watch some of the book cover design course.

Just a lazy Sunday before the mad dash of next week begins.

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