Mar 072018

Waking up at 5.30 left me tired all day. Not quite what I wanted.

After getting up, the first thing that happened was that all the blueberries fell out of their container when I opened it, and I had a kitchen floor covered in thawing blueberries. And it turned out that those had been the last blueberries. I had to have blueberry-free muesli, and the kitchen floor is slightly sticky.

There was a huge amount of grocery shopping yesterday, I even went to the bakery in the morning before my husband had his breakfast so that he could have a nice croissant. Went to the health food store as well because it’s nearby.

We sat and talked – like we always do – he helped me do the huge pile of dishes that included some from the day before, I went to the supermarket, and then I had to go to yet another supermarket because the other one was not only out of frozen blueberries, it was also out of the boy’s favorite cheese. Okay, it’s my favorite cheese as well.

In between I almost finished the first slipper which is good.

Then I taught a couple of students, and then I could finally try out if the new connector that I had ordered would allow me to record audio on my new computer. I have a mixer/recording device that needs FireWire. The new computer – as I have lamented before – only takes these weird Thunderbolt plugs. So I ordered a Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter.

Well. Turns out there is something called Thunderbird 2, and that’s what that adapter connects whereas my new computer has Thunderbolt 3. I started returning it but then found out that there is no such thing as a FireWire to Thunderbolt 3 connector. So I ordered a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter. Mind you, all the time I was wondering if it wouldn’t have been cheaper to get a new mixer.

So I plugged everything together, a nice little chain of adapter to adapter, and turned the mixer on and – nothing. It didn’t turn on. But there was a little flicker of LED.

Then I remembered that my husband had had the same problem when using the mixer with his computer, and that he had needed the external power unit. So I had to go and look for that. It took a few minutes but then I found it, I plugged it in, and – the whole thing was working.

I did a few test recordings, connected my old backup drive and transferred the files I need to make the podcast to the new laptop, and voilà! – I can record podcasts again.

I mean, I would have been able to record podcasts using the old computer but now I can also use the new one.

Then I tried some more things, taught one more student, prepared stuff for today, did not do strength training because I was so tired, had dinner, did the dishes, went to bed real early, and wrote some more (only 239 words yesterday but a lot of thinking and reading of what I had written), fell asleep, got up to brush my teeth and wash my face, and turned the lights out at 9.30.

Which means that I’m typing this again at 5.30. The boy is still in an aggressive „Leave me alone!“-mode so I’m guessing no internship yet. I don’t dare ask but it makes me pretty tense.

Today there will be running, and quite a bit of teaching including the new student, and I’m hoping for more new words. Ahem.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time thinking about my goals and why I want to finish this novel so quickly, and then I started looking at how long it would take me at a rate of 500 words per day, and no, I don’t want to spend four months on this. I might have to but I don’t like it.

I was all „The novel is my top priority!“ all day and then realized that I had spent more than an hour on technical stuff for the podcast. And had felt bad for not working out and for not working on the dress, and for not playing the piano, and for only spending ten minutes on the book cover design course.

I know I’m doing too many things at once. I just don’t quite know how to change that because I don’t want to give anything up.

On the other hand the technical stuff because of the new computer will soon be sorted, the podcast is something that takes a limited amount of time and does fit into my life pretty well, the writing is something I want to do every day, and there is enough room for it, and I can fit the sewing into the cracks and the odd Sunday afternoon. I can do this. It might all take a little longer than I like but that’s okay.

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