Mar 062018

I’m not happy with what I managed to do yesterday. I did do everything on my list, though.

For once I slept until 6.30 which was nice but meant that there was no time to write before breakfast. And then I forgot to take my thyroid pill which meant I had to wait with breakfast until 7.30. And then I had to take.a shower somewhat early (well, early for me), and leave for my doctor’s appointment at ten. So my whole morning was off.

I managed to play the „just one more thing“-game long enough that I had to shower in a big hurry and then left five minutes too late. It was much warmer than expected which meant I arrived at the doctor’s office after my bike ride drenched in sweat. Lovely.

Drawing blood took less than ten minutes, and then I was out of there again.

I had a lovely list of things to buy at the nice health food store, I bought everything, and then I rode my bike back home for another thirty minutes.

I think I might get sore legs from biking. I’m no longer used to it, I guess that will change in the spring.

Back home I plopped down at the kitchen table, read and ate chocolate. Which was basically everything I did for the rest of the day.

We had black beans for lunch, and I even helped making them for once, I taught a few students, and in between I sat there and read stuff on the internet. I’m tracking my time again, and that is really humbling. I spent hours and hours and hours each day reading revelry and blogs and such. Not that it’s a complete waste of time but I  could really use some of these hours for things more productive.

Funny thing about my time tracking sheet – it starts at 6.30 which means I have to squeeze my mornings in in tiny print.

By evening I was desperate because I had just realized that if I want to finish the current novel-in-progress by the end of the month I will have to write more than 2,000 words a day which does not seem doable at the moment. While I spent several hours a day surfing the web I only manage to write about 500 words per day. Huh.

Of course I could change my deadline. I might have to.

But I hate it that everything takes so long.

At least I managed to make the boy practice piano at around six, and then we ate dinner right away.

Then he declared that he was taking a shower which means no dishes right away. As usual there would have been lots of time to do the dishes before he started taking his shower because he is pretty slow in getting ready for things, and as usual this only occurred to me just before it was too late.

The dishes are still sitting in the sink. It is total chaos around here.

I retired to my bed around seven, wrote 600 words, fell asleep without having brushed my teeth, got up at nine again to get ready for bed, turned the lights out at 9.30, and have been awake since 5.30.

I have no idea if I slept enough or not. I’m operating under the assumption that if I can’t sleep anymore in the morning I must have gotten enough sleep.

I’m still pretty tense because of all the things piling up. I’m expecting that I’ll sleep much better again once the boy has an internship. (I’ll probably wander the halls for a week or so beforehand.)

Well. Today there will be grocery shopping, and teaching, and I’m planning to watch more of the book cover design course. And write 2,000 words which is pretty funny.

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