Mar 052018

Sp yesterday started out about as lazy as the day before. But then it turned out that my husband hadn’t forgotten that we wanted to work on the living room after all.

I spent all morning knitting the first slipper. It is a little small but I think it will block out.

In the afternoon I printed the pattern to the Kew-dress by Nina Lee, and spent too much time putting the sheets together, and cutting the pieces out.

And then my husband and I tackled the boy’s old bed. We did dismantle it and afterwards we were covered in dust and cobwebs. So now we are one step closer to getting the living room back. I’m very happy about that, not quite as happy about all the work laying before us.

We talked a bit and it seems that my husband has come to the same conclusion as I, we will try to just paint over the wallpaper one more time. We need to wash the walls first, and that should tell us if the wallpaper will hold up enough for another coat of paint. Not having to pull all the wallpaper down, repaper and then paint will make things much easier. If it works.

The boy and I didn’t watch anything because he still hadn’t taken care of his internship applications. I’m trying to stay calm and not freak out about this. He has two weeks left until the internship, so things are beyond critical.I have no idea what will happen if he doesn’t find a place. I think she should call his uncle and beg him to take him but all the boy is saying to us at the moment is, „Leave me alone!“ He is super-frustrated – which I can totally understand – and let’s it all out at home. Fun! I’m just hoping he won’t fail this grade. I don’t think he will. Unless things go south somewhat more.

So I watched an episode of „Dollhouse“ on my own. I barely remember the second season, as I have said before, which is a little weird.

Today I go to the doctor’s office to get blood drawn. Since there are problems with the trains due to construction I’m thinking about taking the bike instead. It is quite a bit warmer today (not warm, just not way below freezing) which means I should be okay biking. Taking the train would take ages, and there would be no guarantee of being on time, and if I take the bike not only will I probably be on time, I also will make up for not running today.

Then doctor, then grocery shopping at the health food store that’s so much better than the one in town, then lunch, and then teaching.

I’m having high hopes of making music today, and of starting on the dress. I hope that the 2.1 meters of fabric that I have will be enough. The pattern calls for 2.3. I might have to use different fabric for the facings or something. Which should be doable.

Lots of things to do, and I always love the promise of a new week.

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