Mar 032018

Phew. I slept enough and almost had energy again which was great.

And I even wrote 1,600 words on the novel!

I woke up early because I had gone to bed early and spent the first thirty minutes of the day with email, revelry and writing my blog post in bed. Then I made breakfast, had breakfast, meditated for five minutes, and then I actually sat down and wrote words! That made me so happy, I can’t even tell.

Not writing for five days even though you really want to is not fun. Especially if by day five you’re completely convinced that you can’t write, everything is crap, and you should never try this again ever. This is completely normal, by the way, happens every time with writing and with music. If you don’t touch the piano for a week you end up convinced you’re the worst piano player ever and you really should give up.

That’s a lie, by the way. The best thing to do is to play anyway and do it again the day after, and find you joy in playing returning.

I did manage to change the sheets and clean the house yesterday and the pizza was delicious.

IMG 0004

Then, instead of all.teaching.all.afternoon I had a thirty minutes break which meant I could practice singing and piano for the first time all week as well.

I did not do strength training, though, because I spent the allotted time unpacking computer stuff I had ordered. The new laptop needs a case, an external hard drive, and new USB drive, and – most importantly – a docking station so I can actually connect it with things. I found out that the Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter didn’t fit, started the return process, found that the connector that I need doesn’t exist, and instead of returning the one I bought I had got get another one. So recording the podcast will mean putting two adapters between the computer and the mixer. I just hope that will work.

So. Today there will be running, and a somewhat slower day. I am planning to start the slippers so that I can have toasty feet at the spinning meeting next week.

Some time last week my husband and I decided that this weekend will be the one where we move all of the boy’s stuff out of his room, and also mount the fire alarms. That will be fun for sure.

Maybe sewing might happen even.

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