Mar 022018

But things are looking up. There was a minute there, yesterday, where I even thought of something else than computers.

The new computer is mostly functional, and I managed to move my whole music library over, And my email. And I got the nice people at Scrivener to send me my serial number again. Turns out they still had my old email address, the one that doesn’t exist anymore, so I never received the receipt. Duh.

I didn’t write yesterday and went to bed around nine. I’m still pretty exhausted and tired. I tried to write but only managed eighty words, not good.

Today will be super-busy Friday, I want to clean all.the.things, and make pizza from scratch, and teach all.the.students, and maybe squeeze in some piano playing and such, and strength training.

Tonight we might even watch a movie all three of us together which never happens. (My mother-in-law has guests for dinner which means my husband won’t be allowed to play drums and guitar tonight.)

I guess that will be it, the day is full enough as is.

I’m still hoping I will manage to write about 1,500 words. Ahem.

But first it’s time to get up and have breakfast.

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