Feb 252018

Yesterday was mostly a day off. I spent a lot of time thinking (and crocheting) and reading „Lost Connections. Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions“ (amazon-affiliate link).

I only ran five kilometers, and helped making lasagna and salad, and the boy and I watched an episode of „Star Trek – the next generation“ and two episodes of „How I Met You Mother“. I even wrote 500 words for the first time in days.

This morning I woke up early after turning the lights out way too late, then I wrote about a hundred words, and started researching the backup and syncing problem I’ve been having with Scrivener, the program I’m using for writing.

An hour later I seem to have solved the issue. Then I realized that I had forgotten to take my thyroid medication which means I will have to wait another thirty minutes before having breakfast.

Today I want to record the podcast, write some more, make music, and go to bed early. Also read.

I guess that’s doable.

Have a relaxing Sunday!

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