Feb 242018

So yesterday went somewhat differently than planned. I guess I should come to terms with that because that’s just life happening.

I had to go to the health food store in the morning because we wouldn’t have been able to make pizza otherwise. Which meant there was no time to clean. (Let’s not think about the time I spent on ravelry that morning, okay?)

Which made me rather cranky because my nice little plan was derailed.

I moved the boy’s piano lesson to right after lunch, and then dreaded doing the dishes and cleaning the house and folding laundry.

And then I thought about how silly it is to spend my energy dreading things that a) have to be done reagardless of how I feel, and b) are actually making my life better.

So I decided to be happy about cleaning, to think about how much I like moving, and doing things where you see a difference afterwards, and not only to think about how happy it always makes me to have a clean house but to enjoy the process as well.

And it worked. I’m a bit surprised as well.

And then I decided to look forward to teaching, and to eating pizza in front of TV in the evening, and that made for a very enjoyable day.

The only thing I didn’t do – yet again – was writing. Which could make me cranky again but I don’t want to. I guess I wll just write a little more today and tomorrow and get caught up. I am a little stuck in the story and don’t know what happens next but I know if I just force myself to write it will come to me.

I also finished a pair of socks and am looking forward to cast on for the slippers I want to make.

Life is great.

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